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Deems Tsutakawa - Jazz Pianist

"Anything good that can happen will happen. It might sound like a cliché, but I think the statement fits my optimistic personality perfectly. I also strive for that flavor of positive energy to come across in my music," says jazz pianist Deems Tsutakawa.

One good listen to this artist's incredible music will take the listener on a rhythm ride through a myriad of modern emotions and sensual pleasures that Deems promises will soothe your soul.

"My music is accessible to most people because it's not harsh or frantic. It's a smooth groove, a style of music that comes across peaceful and makes you feel good."

Deems has established himself internationally as a distinctive and imaginative writer, arranger, producer and bandleader, as well as explosive solo pianist. With his roots planted firmly in an Asian American upbringing, Deems' music has evolved into a delectable blend of R&B, pop and mainstream jazz that he calls "contemporary soul jazz."

Deems has achieved worldwide airplay with his instrumental hit single Tough Tofu and, as he always says, "Please enjoy my music as I promise you, you'll love it!"


Check out some live performances:

Highway 99 Blues Club, Seattle, WA

King Cat Theatre

East Hawaii Jazz Festival, Hilo, Hawaii

The Spar Tavern, Tacoma, WA

Contacting Deems


For booking and recording information contact:



Snail mail: P.O. Box 78035, Seattle, WA 98178